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Help Single Moms To Help Themselves - CoAbode offers a solid, ALTERNATIVE solution to serious financial and emotional problems by enabling single moms to pool resources and help each other. The majority of our single mom participants say they would NEVER have considered teaming up to share a home with another single mom were it not for hearing or reading about the service we provide. Just by existing, we provide a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

"I have found a tremendous sense of relief in house sharing. Two mothers are objective, and we have this mutual respect and admiration for each other. There is an automatic camaraderie that exists. We help each other out in so many ways. We come home at the end of the day and together we tackle what has to be done. You do the dinner; I'll help the kids get their homework done. The responsibilities all seem to flow naturally. My kids have also seen the positive results of house sharing. They enjoy having playmates, and mom being able to spend more time and money on them. The greatest benefit of all is noticing my kids have more respect for me as they see I am making an effort to make their lives and mine better!" - Barbara, San Diego, CA

CoAbode provides the programs that enable single mothers to improve their quality of life...such as, teaming them together for house sharing, connecting them to affordable housing in safe school districts, referring them to scholarship programs for further education and uniting them in neighborhood groups for childcare, carpooling and emotional support. Click here to read more about our programs.

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