It takes a village. CoAbode has built one.


Expensive problem

-Single-earner households with children have more than doubled, and housing costs have increased 1,608% since 1970.

-Employee wages have not kept pace with overall inflation.

-The housing-to-income ratio has increased 17% (~ 20% / more than 37.7% in western states).

-Household task management/childcare is overwhelming.

-Single parents experience higher rates of isolation, loneliness, lack of support (mental, emotional, etc) and can create societal burdens in the forms of lost economic stimulus ($8B) and social services ($32B).

Simple solution

-Single mothers nationwide can match, connect, and combine their households, providing a path to prosperity and independence.

Economic factors

-CoAbode creates dual-income households and produces disposable dollars (more than $19k per mom), in a challenging economic climate.

-The U.S. economy continues to constrict, making house-sharing a desirable option.

Social factors

-Tremendous impact for single mothers providing an end-to-end solution.

-Resolves time/task overload, isolation, and loneliness

-CoAbode’s social network/community creates the local “village,” the global “village,”

“Companionship has long been touted as a tonic for health and well-being. The women who have combined their children and their lives after divorce (through CoAbode ) say they have found comfort in their common bond.”  USA Today