About Us

Carmel Boss, Founder
Business woman, artist, and mother with 25+ years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors

Rachel Weinstein, CTO, CEO & Founder, Harvard Computer Science

Galen Buckwalter, Founding CSO at eHarmony, developing the proprietary algorithm for CoAbode.

Danish Ejaz, Web Developer, Agile Solution Experts.

Jenne Greene, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Brand strategy, Revenue generation and Corporate partnerships

Rebecca Bowler, Sponsorships and Partnerships -Partnerships Business Devt and Acquisition: Whole Foods, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Pharmaca, CorePowerYoga, Lifetime Fitness, Esalen Institute


Stephanie Cota, Senior VP, Global Brand and Corporate Communications At Mattel, Inc

Peter Trepp, CFO/Advisor, CEO FaceFirst Face Recognition Software, Service Mesh, Blackline Systems, Inktank Storage, UCLA Anderson Alumni Presiden

Cassandra Campbell, VP Product manager at Tillster, Demand Media, Virgin Charter, Yahoo News