Friend Circle

The Friend Circle provides a unique environment to develop friendships, build community, exchange resource information, provide shared childcare, arrange carpooling, and create opportunities for social interaction. Monthly gatherings, shared interest groups, picnics, book clubs, and special events provide a forum to share ideas, encourage self-improvement, make friends, and of course, have fun.

Being a single mother can be joyous, stressful, wonderful, and exhausting, but we would not trade it for anything in the world.

CoAbode has support groups operating all across the country hosted by hundreds of Facilitators. These Facilitators are CoAbode participants who volunteer to set up and host support groups in their neighborhood. They volunteer for a variety of reasons: to make friends, start babysitting co-ops, share car-pooling, and connect with other single moms who could best understand what they go through on a day-to-day basis.

Our program objectives are as follows:

CoAbode's Friend Circle allows you to connect with other single moms facing similar life situations such as:

    • Discussing Divorce with Children
    • Childhood ADD/HD and Learning Disabilities
    • Keeping Kids Safe
    • Physical Fitness and Nutrition
    • Mapping a Financial Future, Estate Planning
    • Communicating Better with Children
    • Achieving Career Advancement
    • Nurturing the Spirit - Toward Self-Healing
    • Developing a Civilized Relationship with former spouses
    • Buying a home together

The Friend Circle is an evolving community that is fueled by single moms like you. The more time and energy that our members give, the more the community grows.